COVID 19 Pandemic

Together we will succeed

During these difficult times we are producing. We all together overcome to this unprecedented situation. During this pandemic situation as Optimak team, we are supporting our communities, Our people and producers. We are express our respect to all health organization’s workers and all people who are acting a key role in this temporary time.

Welcome to Optimak

Optimum STU – End Of Line Expert

Optimum STU founded in May 2012. Since the first days, Optimum STU has the ability and capacity to work in many fields of industry, it has aimed to produce fast, efficient and high quality works in this field by being expert in a single subject. Today Optimum STU has succeeded to achieve this goal to a large amount, is taking firm steps towards becoming a brand in its field.


10 Years Experience and knowledge


We are exporting more than 30 Countries.


Number of Engineers Working

10.000 m²

Closed Production Area

Machine Categories

Robotic Boxing and Palletizing Systems

Production in standard quality and quantity, not dependent on personnel. Production power not dependent on seasonal changes. It brings high efficiency, minimum operating area, and many advantages. We produce local and national technology for Great Turkey. 

Optimum STU Quality

Our Production Lines

  • Boxing Machines group

  • Product and Package Transportation Systems

  • Palletizing Systems

  • Stretch Wrapping Machines

  • Pallet transport Systems


Our Advantages